About Us

Between 2002 and 2011, I lived in Osaka Japan. I was a software developer, but one of my hobbies was fashion. I learned much about Japanese culture, including the business culture, its national features and about Japanese people.

As you may know, Japan is a small country of 4 major islands but highly developed in technology and fashion. I knew that Japan was number one in fashion style in all of Asia. They produce good products with high quality because the customer is considered as a god. Any business providing service or manufacturing products is very concerned with customer satisfaction and quality.

The capital of Japan is Tokyo, and the second biggest city is Osaka, which also has its own fashion style. There are many fashion shops in these 2 cities and women are the most chic and fashionable. Japanese women like to use fashion accessories and styles can change every month with new designs.

While in Japan, I used to attend fashion events and shows. I felt that I myself could be a fashion designer, however I had already chosen a different career path, but I think it is never too late and I am now starting as a retailer first and I hope to make my own designs someday. I can not draw and I can not sew but what I found is drawing and sewing are not guaranteed to make a good designer. It is all about the sense, visuality, thought, belief and personal character.

Here on www.bujin-retail.com I retail imported fashion accessories from Japan. Do you know about the Kanzashi which is a hair stick? Ancient and traditionl Japanese women used to use Kanzashi for their hair while wearing the kimono. But nowadays it has become a fashion accessory in Japan, a very simple hair stick for all occassions. I used to use pencils instead of Kanzashi when I was a student. I wish that time that I had a Japanese Kanzashi for my hair. I would be a star at my school.

Anyhow I would like you to enjoy these Japanese fashion accessories for sale through my website. I think we should enjoy and have fun using hair accessories and fashion. Because we are women who can make the world bright and interesting!